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Here you'll find some photos , some fanart, some OC's and some other things... Still, not much though.





Welcome. Do call me Lor.
United States
Visit my store on Storenvy

A cosplayer, an artist, and a cannibal.

To find my cosplays you'll have to visit UnitedWeCosplay
There you'll find cosplay, cosplay, cosplay, and the occasional journal leading you to a video link.

For art, you're generally in the right place but I'm horrid at updating and rather private about my art. For more art you might want to visit my abundance of social media accounts.

For my ventures into cannibalism you'll have to use your imagination.

My Personal Blog.

Maybe someday I'll say something quotable.

My groups cosplay channel. You can also find our videos TwWwisted on youtube.

I'll make a journal whenever you'll find me here. (Rarely.)

Useless pictures. Enjoy.
I clearly haven't been active...

And I don't like that. I really used to love dA. I would go on dA all the time but I increasingly stopped sharing what I was drawing. I occasionally shared what I drew on tumblr and bothered to put some prints up here but I don't like that.
I want to be active here again.

So I'm cleaning up my gallery and organizing a few things and I'm going to start uploading again if it kills me. 

I like drawing, I like making things, so I don't know why I stopped.
I also don't know why I'm so ridiculously unconfident about my own art but I want that to stop too. 

So I'm back and I'm really going to try using dA again.

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happy birthday
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I know there will be a lot of these but..

Happy birthday! And a very Merry Christmas in the middle of July bc why the fuck not Oh my god - OMG 
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Happy Brithday :DDD Hope you have a great day
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Sorry for the delay, thank you for the fav.
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